1. Is it possible for foreign students enrolled in an academic exchange program to participate?

Yes. The contest it is open to any students enrolled in a Turkish university at the undergraduate, postgraduate and master degree levels. Exchange students may participate as long as they prove that in that academic year they are enrolled in a Turkish university.

2. 2. Could a group be formed with elements of different universities or courses?

Yes. The participation of multidisciplinary groups is not only accepted but encouraged, as it encourages projects that are more complete and that has a broader point of view.

3. Is participation possible for students who have finishes in the previous academic year?

No. The participants must be enrolled in the present academic year in a university attending either undergraduate, postgraduate or a master degree.

4. Is it possible to apply in two different participating groups?

No, participants can only take part on one project per edition.

5. Could students from other courses not explicitly stated in the regulation participate?

Yes, as long as your participation is important for the production of the projects.
6. Is it possible to present projects that have been developed within a class?

Yes, it is possible to present curricular projects, as long as they are within the scope of the Contest.

7. What is the minimum and maximum of participants per group?

The minimum number of participants per group is 2 elements and the maximum number is 5 elements.

8. What to do if student cards have not yet been issued until the application deadline?

Participants can send another document that proves their enrollment in the university, such as a certificate of enrollment.

9. Could participants change the theme of the work after the application submission?

Yes, the theme of the project may be changed later, but you must inform the organization of the Contest through email.

10. What are the deadlines for applications and for the final submission of the projects?

You can find the deadline dates within our website.


1. Should all members of the group be present at the awards ceremony?

To be selected has finalist and winner, the group must be represented by at least one of its elements, excluding the professor and project advisor. It is not necessary to have all elements attending the ceremony.

2. Should all members of the group take part on the presentation of their project at the awards ceremony?

Presentations to be held at the Awards ceremony do not require the participation of all members of the group. It is up to the group to decide who will present.

3. Is it possible to request additional items, besides those that the organization will make available and announce to the participants for the presentations at the awards ceremony?

No, the groups will not be allowed to use additional elements during presentations (changes in the brightness of the room or use of objects such as tables and chairs). All groups will have the same conditions.