” AUA! 18/19″ invites university students to produce projects in areas related to “Health-Supported Ideas”. In this context, especially in the fields of Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Social Work, Law, Biomedical Engineering, Informatics Engineering, Economics, Business Administration and Marketing, economic, financial, creative and technological approaches can be considered.

Some suggestions for projects that can be developed underthe theme of the contest:

1. Social Responsibility Projects

a) Awareness-raising projects on health problems threatening the majority of the society (Obesity, Heart, Diabetes, Celiac, Cholesterol, Hypertension, etc.)

b) Educational projects that support good nutrition for those with less economic resources

c) Innovative feeding solutions to reduce risk factors

d) Innovative projects that can be carried out in cooperation with institutes working in this field

e) Non-profit organization projects for disadvantaged communities on nutrition

f) Non-profit organization projects for for special needs holders

g) Non-profit organization projects for prevention of nutritional diseases

h) Proper nutrition projects for young people or children

i) Turkey and World Hunger: Social Responsibility – Non-profit organization Projects

j) Global nutrition policies and projects
2. Projects for Products and Services

a) Establishing business plans for products in the field of nutrition

b) Establishing business plans for services in the field of nutrition

c) Establishment of special supplementary food for risk groups in the field of nutrition

d) Projects for supplements

e) The place of nutritional supplements in our life

f) Research and projects for eating habits

g) New communication methods on nutrition science

h) Projects related to nutrition services

3. Other Subheadings;

a) Strengthening the Immune System

b) Nutrition in the Elderly

c) Nutrition in the Youth

d) Nutrition in the Children

e) Obesity and Fast Food Habits

f) Food Safety and Hygiene

g) Schools and Nutrition

h) Vitamins ve Minerals

i) Balanced Diet Monitoring

j) Healthy Diets

k) Nutrition and Anti-aging Measures

l) Body Metabolism and Nutrition

m) Nutrition and Healthy Life

n) Beverages and Nutrition

o) Natural – Organic Foods and Nutrition

p) Vegeterian and Vegan Nutrition

q) Sports and Nutrition

r) Salt and Health

s) Sugar and Health

t) Oil and Health

u) Food Industry and Health

v) Habit of Eating Outside w) City Life and Nutrition x) Stress and Nutrition y) Mental Health and Nutrition